Investment in Outdoor Spaces

Abbey Multi Academy Trust is committed to developing and enhancing our academy environments to ensure they continue to be inspiring and engaging to help our pupils flourish and enjoy their learning.

This summer Abbey Multi Academy Trust will be continuing its investment in Manston St James by developing the outdoor spaces for the benefit of the whole school community.

At Manston St James we are lucky to have a large outdoor area that our pupils can enjoy as both a space for social time and as an extension to the classroom. This is an exciting investment that will ensure our outdoor space is enriching for all, whilst also contributing to the Trust’s Sustainability Strategy.

As part of this area, there will be several key areas for development. We will be working with a specialist partner to improve our Early Years outdoor provision. We are incredibly proud of the whole of our Early Years provision and believe we have an area that allows our youngest students to get hands-on and fully explore their learning. Improvements to outdoor provisions will ensure that we have some of the best Early Years provisions for years to come. We will also be developing the wider area to enhance the space for all students. This includes the planting of many trees to enhance the green space, the inclusion of a forest school area and, in partnership with our wonderful PTA, a new trim trail area.

We firmly believe that having a sustainable outdoor space, that compliments classroom learning, and that is engaging and inspiring for pupils is fundamental to enriching the learning experience for our students.