At Manston St James, Thrive underpins a lot of what we do, from lessons to lunchtimes, we put relationships at the heart of our school. The Thrive Approach allows us to support healthy social, emotional, and cognitive development as our children grow into resilient, successful, valued members of society - regardless of what barriers stand in their way. The Thrive Approach has taught us how to be and what to do in response to young people's different and sometimes challenging behaviour, providing targeted strategies and activities to help them re-engage with life and learning.

We have worked with many young people across our school, whether this be in relation to personal news I.e. bereavement or house moves to social issues such as friendship fall-outs and misunderstandings.

Thrive helps teach children strategies for managing big feelings in their bodies. It helps children identify their emotions and name sensations that go along with it. Children are then given strategies to help them in given situations, these strategies include breathing techniques, calming techniques and ways to help manage worries.

Meet our Thrive Team!



Mrs Corrina Cliffe

Assistant Headteacher & Thrive Practitioner

Miss Amanda Kay

Pastoral Care Leader & Thrive Practitioner

Mrs Helen Skinner

Teaching Assistant & Thrive Practitioner

Thrive in Action at Manston St James

Manston St James Thrive Hive

At Manston St James we have designated rooms for pupils to access.

Information for Parents

It is important that as Teachers and Parents we recognise that the behaviour that we observe each and everyday is a communicator. The behaviours the children display are telling us something and the way in which we respond to such behaviours is a significant part of theThrive practice adopt.