Admissions Consultation

Admissions Policy Consultation 2022/23

The Trustees of Abbey Multi Academy Trust, together with the Governing Body of Manston St James CE Primary Academy, is consulting on the Academy’s admission arrangements.

The consultation with regards to proposed changes to the Admissions Policy for admission to the Academy from September 2022 is commencing on Friday 27th November 2020 and will conclude at 12 noon on Monday 11th January 2021. These arrangements are for pupils who will be starting primary school in September 2022, or requesting admission to the Academy between September 2022 and July 2023.

We would welcome your views on the proposed arrangements, which include changes from those agreed for the 2021/22 academic year. There is one proposed change to the admissions policy. It is proposed that an additional criterion is added to the oversubscription criteria, after the existing criterion 5: ‘A child who, or whose parent(s)/guardian(s), are regular worshipper(s) of another world faith which is one of the other five major world faiths represented in Great Britain (that is Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, and Sikhism).’ and before the existing criterion 6: ‘Any other children wishing to gain a place at Manston St James Academy, prioritised by distance’ as follows:

‘Children who live within the Church of England Parish of Manston (See notes 4 and 5).’

The consultation has been communicated by Abbey Multi Academy Trust as follows:

Thank you for your consideration of the above. We would be grateful to receive any comments you may have by email to by no later than noon on Monday 11th January 2021. Printed copies of the consultation materials will be available on request by contacting the school office and should be completed and returned by post to the school address, marked for the attention of Mrs Kerry Weatherill, Governance Professional.

We look forward to receiving your views on our proposal.

Admissions Consultation Draft

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